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To bring your book to the widest possible audience, you need to convert it to eBook and make it available to the online Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks markets and beyond. Our team of conversion and development specialists will make this a simple process. From .mobi to .epub, fixed format (KF8), we are committed to developing bleeding-edge eBook files which work on all formats and devices.

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The conversion of text manuscript files into error-free, beautiful eBooks for Kindle and other eReaders is a process that requires specialist software, an eye for detail, and a thorough quality control process. Readers are used to viewing eBook titles prepared by publishers for professional authors and so it’s crucial that your eBook is up to that same high standard. Our eBook conversion team have perfected the process over hundreds of thousands of conversions, refining it to the point of obsession. We combine cutting-edge software that recodes your text styles and preserves formatting at the limit of what each device will allow, with the essential phase of quality control performed by a dedicated team of (human) proofreaders. We output the finely tuned files in both the formats (.mobi, .epub) you will need, simultaneously, so that the reading experience is nearly identical on all devices. Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, Sony eReader, Barnes & Noble Nook and Kobo are all catered for. Learn more from our authors here.

“They were intuitive, talented and a delight to work with”

Charles Owen, author of Cry Cassandra and Fiamma

There are different approaches and technologies involved in producing different styles of eBook. One thing that is common to all eBooks is that they must be error-free, true to the original content, and they must conform to the latest industry standards of eBook file creation. From .epub and .mobi, to reflowable and fixed-layout, (to name but a few key technologies) there are many technical considerations and it’s vital that this process is undertaken with the utmost care. Bug-ridden and glitchy eBooks will result in user complaints and, worse still, negative reviews.

SpiffingCovers will take your edited manuscript and deliver perfect eBook files ready to be uploaded without a hitch.

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