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The printed page delivers your story. Since the invention of the press, the presentation of words on paper has been refined to perfection. Your readers demand a comfortable experience and will immediately notice any layout issues. Our team will take your raw manuscript and turn it into an effortlessly readable book.

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A little deeper

If you’re writing your book in Microsoft Word or a similar software package, you’ll know that creating a great story and creating a great layout are two different tasks. Most of the self-published authors we work with have printed copies of their books available to buy, and so it’s essential that the page layout be created to a professional standard. To make a book comfortably readable, consideration needs to be given to text tracking, leading, font size, style, chapter breaks, contents, front matter pages, index, glossary, footnotes and not to mention graphs, diagrams, and illustration where necessary. What may seem like simple case of changing the page size to a standard paperback format, is actually a complex project in its own right.

“I cried with joy when I saw the cover”

Helen Fuller, author of The Internet Party

We are professional book designers and have the skills to transform your raw manuscript into a beautifully laid out book file that not only looks as good as any book in Waterstones, but is prepared for print in the right way. We work extensively with major print facilities for POD (print on demand) and traditional lithographic printing presses and so we have the experience to create a brilliantly designed book that passes all the pre-press checks and prints beautifully.

As well as beautiful novels, we also create specialist titles. Learn a little more about them here.

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