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“I cannot imagine that there is a finer cover design company in the marketplace”

Phill Drown, author of The Reputation of Booya Carthy

One of the most precious facets of the self-published author is to retain creative control. So I approached SpiffingCovers with a very clear image in my mind of what I wanted to represent on the cover of my novel. Not only did they return the first design with remarkable speed, the attention to detail was more than I had hoped for, even researching my subject matter for further suggestions. SpiffingCovers have been a pleasure to work with, patient, polite and articulate in satisfying each request I had for the smallest of adjustments. I cannot imagine that there is a finer cover design company in the marketplace.

What The ' - Dr ETM Cooke - Coal-stained handprint on doctors coat with canary and colliery

“I cannot but strongly recommend them to all classes of authors considering publication.”

Dr ETM Cooke, author of What The'

Having had only medical articles for publication over many years I was a little apprehensive about approaching “SpiffingCovers” for help with my first book written for a none medical audience.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that their advertisement article in “Writing Magazine” does not do them justice.

As well as excellent and sustained interest in the book cover and design when they came back and back again with ideas, I received editing, printing and publication help, and advice further re-publicity etc. that I have found extremely helpful indeed.

They have up to date information on IT and all modern methods of publication and distribution. The end result I found quite superb.

The service that they provide is of a professional manner. It is quick and responsive to all queries, and they are contactable and available at all times, especially for someone like myself who lives quite a distance away from their home base.

I cannot but strongly recommend them to all classes of authors considering publication.


“I don't use the word 'wow' very often but said it when I saw the cover”

Jeff Kamen, author of Among Your Secret Children

What impressed me about the team at Spiffing was that they got what I was talking about from the outset. I had several ideas in mind, all competing with each other, and by the end of the call we already had a core ‘feel’ to work with. After that, after a few more exchanges, there was a smooth transition to a cover that felt like the perfect fit. In my email to them, I wrote, ‘I don’t use the word ‘wow’ very often but said it when I saw this.’

Preternatural - Lloyd Harry-Davis - Barefoot school boy with tattoos and flaming hands sits at the base of a tree in the rain

“They completely understood what I wanted”

Lloyd Harry Davis, author of Preternatural

My experience with SpiffingCovers has been nothing short of professional. I may have known what I wanted as my book cover from the beginning but the ideas and individual features the designer added were phenomenal and only ingratiated the cover art. They completely understood what I wanted and there was clearly a heavy level of patience involved on his part when I explained what I wanted.

Admittedly, I was a bit nervous at first when searching for a company to design the cover but I skimmed through their portfolio on their website and was impressed; the reassurance came from speaking in length to my designer over the telephone who grasped and understood everything I was trying to get at in relation to the art. The wait was worth it. Honestly, worth it.

I suppose I feared the process would be daunting given the status and professionalism of the company but the entire project was down-to-earth which only made communications and the sharing of ideas so much easier and more comfortable.

The day that image landed in my email in all its glory and in all its High Definition, I almost died from the fact that I had something that would represent me and my work and I couldn’t have been more grateful.