Reviews By Our Authors



“The cover has brought the book a great deal of attention”

John Nicholl, author of White is the Coldest Colour

SpiffingCovers did a fabulous job of designing an atmospheric cover that perfectly conveys the nature and genre of my psychological thriller. The cover has brought the book a great deal of attention, and has played a significant part in making White is the coldest colour an Amazon best seller.

The Trophy Wife - Graham Jones - Golf glub lining up behind two golf balls, with ladybirds

“When I saw the first design I thought they'd read my mind - it was exactly what I'd envisioned.”

Graham Jones, author of The Trophy Wife

Indie publishers need fantastic, professional standard covers if they are to compete with traditional publishers. SpiffingCovers achieves that level, at reasonable cost, time after time. Reader feedback has been very positive, too. One contacted me to say the cover had made him buy the book. From an author’s perspective, the service was quick, responsive and felt tailored for my particular book. When I saw the first design I thought they’d read my mind - it was exactly what I’d envisioned. A few tweaks and we had the perfect cover. Indie authors are closing the credibiity gap between them and traditional publishing houses. High quality covers like Spiffing’s are one reason why.

False Idols - Alexis Grove - Man with his head plugged in and a futuristic city in the background

“I found the SpiffingCovers team to not only be great artists but also to be consistently professional”

Alexis Grove, author of False Idols

I found SpiffingCovers on Google and contacted them with a few rough concepts for the cover of the first book of my scifi trilogy. The SpiffingTeam understood exactly what I wanted and came back to me in several days with a mockup. Upon viewing it I was so happy I immediately asked them to expand it into a triptych of three covers for my entire series.

I found the SpiffingCovers team to not only be great artists but also to be consistently professional in terms of client relations. They produced high quality images on schedule and on budget. They were patient and courteous with me when I was slow to respond or confused about what I wanted. And they were able to process my artistic requests, which were a combination of rough concepts and precise details.

I came away very happy with my covers, particularly because they drew a lot of admiring comments, and I shall continue to work with SpiffingCovers in the future.

Horror At Hope Horse - Horseshoes and nails on a green-eyed face - Book Cover Portfolio

“The cover is eye catching, which is something vital in this industry”

Lyndal Cushing, author of Horror at Hope Horse

I am new to the world of publishing and all it entails. After much research I went with SpiffingCovers, a choice I have never regretted. I asked question after question and always received prompt courteous assistance which, considering I am in Australia is a massive relief for me.The editing process was something I approached with trepidation but the staff at SpiffingCovers held my hand all the way and I ended up with a polished, professional product.

The cover of my book, the first in the Hope Horse Trilogy, Horror at Hope Horse: Never Give Up, is outstanding. The cover is eye catching, which is something vital in this industry, and captures the tone and the content of the book in a way that is beyond brilliant. I appreciate that my input in the creative process was sought and respected. Ultimately I have a cover and a book that would hold its own in any book store or website and I am proud to call my own.

I cannot thank them enough for helping me fulfill a dream. I have many more books to come and I know I can confidently deal with SpiffingCovers for many years to come. I highly recommend the services of SpiffingCovers.