Reviews By Our Authors


Adopted - Darrell Delo - child with a toy in an empty field - Book Cover Portfolio

“They made the whole process simple and enjoyable”

D J Terry, author of Adopted

I had always considered writing a book,then once i finally got round to it i realised that there was still a lot of work to be done to get it out there.In fact it was very daunting, i emailed various companies with a limited response,then i gave SpiffingCovers a ring,and from that first phone call up until now i can’t fault them.They really helped me through the whole process step by step,and they were always there on the phone and email when i needed some help and advice in getting my book out there , they made the whole process simple and enjoyable.There price was very competitive for the the totally professional service they provided me,and i would recommend them to anyone. Thank you SpiffingCovers.

Neshama - Ruth James MBE - Couple on the beach at sunset with doves overhead - Book Cover Portfolio

“I can guarantee from personal experience that you will be delighted”

Ruth James M.B.E., author of Neshama

Writing a book? Contact SpiffingCovers!

As a ‘first time’ author, I was recommended to this vibrant and enthusiastic team; now it is my turn to recommend this self-publishing company to you!

Nothing is too much trouble for any member of this organization, all of whom have a different role in bringing your work to completion; they will take a personal interest in the publication of your writing. They will guide you through every step of your self-publishing experience, from the commencement of your work to the finished book and I can guarantee from personal experience that you will be delighted with your zingy cover which I have no doubt will be individual; all the guidance you require will be given with the layout and how and where to publicize and promote your work. This will take your book to a higher level!

THANKYOU SpiffingCovers – I can’t wait until my next book is finished!

Home By Christmas - Bridget Beresford - Man woman and horse in world war 1 - Book Cover Portfolio

“It is a pleasure to find such a courteous and speedy service in this day and age”

Bridget Beresford, author of Knights Without Armour

I wrote a novel that was rejected by publishers and agents so many times that I lost count. So I decided to self publish, but I had absolutely no idea what to do. Realising that I needed a book cover for my book, I looked on the internet. Luckily I chose SpiffingCovers. I chose them because there was a telephone number on their web site and I was able to speak to a human being and instead of having to deal with cyber space. I found them extremely helpful and patient. They asked the right questions and very quickly came up with a fantastic cover for me which has helped make my novel…

Flying Cats and Flip Flops - Paul Johnson - Giraffe in a bird cage - Book Cover Portfolio

“If you're looking for average... look elsewhere”

Paul Johnson, author of Flying Cats and Flip-Flops

Flying Cats and Flip Flops’ is a unique, surreal, life changing adventure and extremely personal to me as it involves my father so I set my standards high and was after an eye popping book cover, one that stood out and really made the difference. I sifted through various companies boasting usual high standards of service, then I discovered - SpiffingCovers.

A flick through their impressively assembled portfolio was enough to call them. A twenty minute chat later by phone with a very affable team member and the outline of my book discussed and dissected. His aim was simple. To get to the very essence of my story, a refreshing approach, a real interest shown here I thought. “Im looking for something surreal” was all I said.

A few days later I opened the Jpeg from SpiffingCovers and………………..Wow, the exact reaction I was after. The colour, detail and overall idea epitomises everything about the story.

Six months on and I still get compliments which confirms I made an excellent choice, so to sum things up - SpiffingCovers are professionally equipped, creatively gifted to really open your eyes.

NB. If you’re looking for average drabness then look elsewhere because SpiffingCovers will do much more.