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Codename Nicolette - Toby Oliver - Bloodstained bullet on Nazi report - Book Cover Portfolio

“Highly professional... inspiring cover design and editing”

Toby Oliver, author of Codename Nicolette

My experience with SpiffingCovers has from the outset been highly professional, from an inspiring cover design and editing, to the efficient and helpful feedback they have provided me, as an unknown writer, the opportunity to help get my novel ‘Codename Nicolette’ published.


“Just sign up now, you won't be disappointed”

R. Jackson- Lawrence, author of Knightfall

I first used SpiffingCovers in February 2013. Their website instantly caught my attention, and the reviews for their services I found elsewhere on the internet were all glowing. For me, they provided a cover, internal formatting and ISBN numbers, all at a fantastic price. They were even kind enough to honour an expired discount code!

Each step of the process was painless. I had a few ideas for what I wanted on the cover, but when I got it back it was so much more than I ever could have imagined. Dealing with the design team was excellent, both by email and by phone. They listened to my ideas and criticisms (there were only 2!) and very quickly created something that still excites me every time I see it.

I have since come back to get them to design the covers for books 2 and 3 (even though book 3 is still only exists in my head), and I can’t wait to see the results. If you are considering using them, STOP!

Just sign up now, you won’t be disappointed.

The Binding - S F Hopkins - Naked Woman on a Chair - Book Cover Portfolio

“SpiffingCovers is a genuine example of that overused expression, a Business Partner”

Mandrill Press

There are many service providers in the burgeoning world of small independent publishers and self-publishing, but SpiffingCovers is far more than that—SpiffingCovers is a genuine example of that overused expression, a Business Partner. They don’t just read the book and produce a more-or-less appropriate picture; SpiffingCovers takes the author’s detailed synopsis, character list and scene-by-scene, chapter-by-chapter breakdown and returns a professional cover that mirrors exactly what the writer set out to achieve.


“Their guarantee of satisfaction isn't an idle claim”

Enver Carim, author of Ambiguous Embrace

My experience of SpiffingCovers has been pleasant, professional and entirely satisfactory. They have a proven knack of conjuring from an author’s brief gripping, atmospheric cover designs. Their guarantee of satisfaction isn’t an idle claim: they do deliver the goods. That is why I have come back to them for my next book’s cover design. The Freethinker magazine has been appearing since 1881; it’s editor said last month about Ambiguous Embrace: ‘Impressed me greatly.’