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Discover the painless way to expand the distribution outlets for your book, in order to multiply sales.

Once your book has been edited, your eBooks and print files created and your cover is looking beautiful, where and how do you sell? SpiffingCovers’ distribution service covers all of the major retail outlets and leaves you in full control of your accounts. We will handle all of the technical aspects and, once that’s done, we hand everything over to you. We take no royalties and there are no ongoing fees.


It is true that one of the great things about self-publishing is that you are able to take complete control of your marketing and retail opportunities, but it must also be acknowledged that setting this up can be a protracted and sometimes difficult process. At SpiffingCovers, we have a team of specialists who can handle this process for you. We can create all of your accounts with the various distribution companies for eBook and print-on-demand services, uploading and verifying your book assets, checking that all of the retail outlets are successfully populated with your titles and verifying that the delivery and transactional processes are working correctly. We will consult and guide you with regard to pricing, tax and international sales, ironing out any issues that may occur once your titles are online and primed to sell. When we are satisfied that everything is in order, we hand everything back over to you. This affords you more time to concentrate on the equally important job of writing your next book.

Our professional distribution package will make your book available online at the following outlets:


Paperback and Kindle devices


Paperback and Kindle devices


Sony eReader, Kobo and Nook devices

Barnes and Noble

Nook devices

Apple iBooks

iPad, iPhone, iPad Mini

CreateSpace Store


As well as many more that are becoming available as the self-publishing industry matures.

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