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Our Mission

SpiffingCovers exists because of our passion for helping authors to get their books to market in the most professional way possible. Since it was founded in 2012 the company has developed unique strategies and standout assistance in order to offer every conceivable service that self-publishers need to have the very best chance of success. Our blend of self-publishing is passionate, progressive, personal and professional.

We are SpiffingCovers.

Why SpiffingCovers?

Our defining moment came very early on in our development, and it catalysed the start of a progressive ethos that would define how all of the teams at Spiffing approach collaboration with authors. It was the realisation that it is not good enough to simply offer commodified services at arm’s length; authors need qualitative solutions to qualitative questions, and their books require great individual care. We heard (and still hear) about many cases of poor treatment from publishing companies, many of whom are unresponsive, aloof and whose services are often homogenised and rudimentary. In addition, we are told of those who charge for services and yet still take ownership and royalties out of the hands of the authors they represent. This is not true self-publishing, and in our view, is often unethical.

What Makes SpiffingCovers Different?

At Spiffing, we always remain contactable, transparent, and willing to answer any question that may arise, at any point. We never take a penny of author’s royalties and we set them up with total ownership of their books and writing content. We are dedicated to building relationships with writers; we want them to succeed because their success is twinned with our success. This approach has been award winning for us, and it affords us outstanding reviews; but perhaps above all, it has become the most effective way to ensure that our authors receive the very best chance of achievement, as well as helping them to enjoy their self-published journey.

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The SpiffingCovers Team

When engaging with SpiffingCovers you will receive a truly personal service. Regardless of who you come into contact with, you will experience great care and professional advice, always delivered with courtesy and warmth. Here are some of the faces that keep things moving at SpiffingCovers.

"Self-publishing has changed forever because independent authors are now hitting the market with style as well as substance. We’re raising eyebrows, because we’re raising standards."


Managing Director

With over 30 years experience in publishing, corporate design and marketing, Stefan has worked with many of the largest international publishing houses, including Harper Collins, Wiley New York, Zondervan and the Bible Society.

Over the past decade his focus has switched from traditional to indie-publishing. His obsession is for enabling self-publishers to attain the highest standards that are required in order to compete and succeed in a hard-fought book sales market.

Stefan’s most recent article.

While his background is in corporate branding, design and marketing, James' passion is and will always be, books. He's worked with Madame Tussauds, The London Aquarium, Beauty Magazine, GSK, The Sun and many other known entities, but his work as co-creator of SpiffingCovers has felt like a real homecoming since it is a confluence of his passion for literature and his skills in branding and theory. Underpinning all of his work is the intent to ensure a truly ethical service for authors and to work in a genuinely progressive way; engaging with clients in meaningful dialogue and consultation and providing a service with real-world value.

James' most recent article.

"We have no other task than to deliver progressive and world-class indie-publisher services to clients who expect the best"


Creative Director

"It is not just enough for things to look right, they need to work right, too. We'll make sure that the digital logistics for your website and book sales are rock-solid"


Web & Digital

With a background in web design, e-commerce and traditional print design Joe is at the digital heart of SpiffingCovers. He works in tandem with the design team and clients to create robust online author identities which weave seamlessly into social and selling sites, creating compelling and effective marketing platforms. 

He's also expert at navigating the pitfalls of the online distribution network; helping indie-publishers to achieve maximum exposure for their titles while minimising complications.

Having the considerable responsibility of handling that most precious of assets; the author's manuscript, Gabriel and his team of highly experienced editors, proof-readers and ghost writers are single-minded (in the way of all true wordsmiths) about creating written work which is as water-tight as is humanly possible. From romance to psychology, short stories to fantasy epics, there is literally no genre of written work he hasn't helped hone and shape like a true perfectionist, perhaps even pedant!

"It's a great privilege to be entrusted with the care of a manuscript which has been in development perhaps for years, and to be tasked with shaping it into the best version of itself"


Media Manager

"In the past Self-publishing has often been regarded as substandard, but this sniffy perception is being changed through Spiffing perfection! Turning authors into professional publishers is our no.1 aim."


Accounts Manager

An integral member of the team since Spiffing’s conception, Lynette oversees the day-to-day running of all accounts, often facilitating and coordinating between departments and clients in order to ensure the smooth running of current projects.

Her love of all-things-books is unparalleled, and her passion to see self-publishers attain the very highest standards is infectious, not only for the Spiffing team, but for all of the authors that she comes into contact with.

Zac is seven (and a half!) This incontrovertible qualification, coupled with his absolute love for “awesome” books, makes him our go-to-chap for all of the children’s titles that we help to bring to market. His honest critiques may be paraphrased in our appraisal responses, but on a serious note, we believe that market research, across all genres, is truly advantageous for understanding how intended readerships will connect with new releases.

"Nothing beats 'Dogman' for me; but, 'The Little Cockroach' has become a new favourite. And pretty much all my friends love it too!"


Children's Book Critic

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