Reviews by our authors



“I found the SpiffingCovers team to not only be great artists but also to be consistently professional”

Alexis Grove, author of False Idols

I found SpiffingCovers on Google and contacted them with a few rough concepts for the cover of the first book of my scifi trilogy. The SpiffingTeam understood exactly what I wanted and came back to me in several days with a mockup. Upon viewing it I was so happy I immediately asked them to expand it into a triptych of three covers for my entire series.

I found the SpiffingCovers team to not only be great artists but also to be consistently professional in terms of client relations. They produced high quality images on schedule and on budget. They were patient and courteous with me when I was slow to respond or confused about what I wanted. And they were able to process my artistic requests, which were a combination of rough concepts and precise details.

I came away very happy with my covers, particularly because they drew a lot of admiring comments, and I shall continue to work with Spiffing Covers in the future.


“The cover is eye catching, which is something vital in this industry”

Lyndal Cushing, author of Horror at Hope Horse

I am new to the world of publishing and all it entails. After much research I went with SpiffingCovers, a choice I have never regretted. I asked question after question and always received prompt courteous assistance which, considering I am in Australia is a massive relief for me.The editing process was something I approached with trepidation but the staff at SpiffingCovers held my hand all the way and I ended up with a polished, professional product.

The cover of my book, the first in the Hope Horse Trilogy, Horror at Hope Horse: Never Give Up, is outstanding. The cover is eye catching, which is something vital in this industry, and captures the tone and the content of the book in a way that is beyond brilliant. I appreciate that my input in the creative process was sought and respected. Ultimately I have a cover and a book that would hold its own in any book store or website and I am proud to call my own.

I cannot thank them enough for helping me fulfill a dream. I have many more books to come and I know I can confidently deal with Spiffing Covers for many years to come. I highly recommend the services of Spiffing Covers.


“I've really enjoyed the experience of working with them and love the finished product”

Jean Tyrrell, author of Throughout All Manner of Things

I came across Spiffing Covers by chance on the Internet when investigating the many ways I could go about publishing my book on sailing round Great Britain. It’s the first time I’ve ever written anything with a view to publishing and needed all the help I could get. My first impression from their website was that Spiffing were going to be able to provide me with a high standard, reasonably priced service with plenty of guidance and support. I was also very impressed with the quality of the books they had already published. After speaking to Spiffing on the phone, I knew that I didn’t need to look any further. It was all going to be very straightforward. My first impressions were right and I am thrilled with everything that they’ve done for me. Their attention to detail has been excellent from the design input (an exceptional front cover, map of our journey and photo journal section), to the editorial side of things. They are a very friendly and helpful team, I’ve really enjoyed the experience of working with them and love the finished product. I would highly recommend Spiffing to anyone wanting to publish a book. I doubt it’s possible to do any better.


“When the cover arrived, it took my breath away”

Bob Griffin, author of The Hurdy Gurdy Man

Contrary to popular advice, people do judge a book by its cover.

After working so hard on The Hurdy Gurdy Man, I was very anxious about whom to trust with its all-important cover. I chose Spiffing Covers because of the breadth and quality of their portfolio, but feared such work might be reserved for the big boys, not a debut author.

I rang and spoke in person, for I needed to know they were listeners, not talkers. They gave me a lot of work to do; a synopsis of significant events and descriptions of character and locations, together with themes and iconic images from the story. I provided it all willingly, for how else could they understand my book and do it justice.

When the front cover proof arrived, it took my breath away, for it perfectly depicted one of the most iconic scenes. The back cover took a little more time to get right, but James, the designer, would not let go until he got poor Reg Cripps departure from this world, just right.

The service Spiffing Covers provided, throughout the design process and beyond, was fantastic, and it was a pleasure to work with a business who gave of their best on such an individual basis. I don’t believe I could have chosen better, and I look forward to my next project with them.