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“SpiffingCovers is a genuine example of that overused expression, a Business Partner”

Mandrill Press

There are many service providers in the burgeoning world of small independent publishers and self-publishing, but Spiffing Covers is far more than that—Spiffing Covers is a genuine example of that overused expression, a Business Partner. They don’t just read the book and produce a more-or-less appropriate picture; Spiffing Covers takes the author’s detailed synopsis, character list and scene-by-scene, chapter-by-chapter breakdown and returns a professional cover that mirrors exactly what the writer set out to achieve.


“Their guarantee of satisfaction isn't an idle claim”

Enver Carim, author of Ambiguous Embrace

My experience of SpiffingCovers has been pleasant, professional and entirely satisfactory. They have a proven knack of conjuring from an author’s brief gripping, atmospheric cover designs. Their guarantee of satisfaction isn’t an idle claim: they do deliver the goods. That is why I have come back to them for my next book’s cover design. The Freethinker magazine has been appearing since 1881; it’s editor said last month about Ambiguous Embrace: ‘Impressed me greatly.’


“They made the whole process simple and enjoyable”

D J Terry, author of Adopted

I had always considered writing a book,then once i finally got round to it i realised that there was still a lot of work to be done to get it out there.In fact it was very daunting, i emailed various companies with a limited response,then i gave spiffing covers a ring,and from that first phone call up until now i can’t fault them.They really helped me through the whole process step by step,and they were always there on the phone and email when i needed some help and advice in getting my book out there , they made the whole process simple and enjoyable.There price was very competitive for the the totally professional service they provided me,and i would recommend them to anyone. Thank you spiffing covers.


“I can guarantee from personal experience that you will be delighted”

Ruth James M.B.E., author of Neshama

Writing a book? Contact SpiffingCovers!

As a ‘first time’ author, I was recommended to this vibrant and enthusiastic team; now it is my turn to recommend this self-publishing company to you!

Nothing is too much trouble for any member of this organization, all of whom have a different role in bringing your work to completion; they will take a personal interest in the publication of your writing. They will guide you through every step of your self-publishing experience, from the commencement of your work to the finished book and I can guarantee from personal experience that you will be delighted with your zingy cover which I have no doubt will be individual; all the guidance you require will be given with the layout and how and where to publicize and promote your work. This will take your book to a higher level!

THANKYOU SpiffingCovers – I can’t wait until my next book is finished!