Reviews by our authors



“I was absolutely thrilled”

Grant Nicol, author of On A Small Island

When I originally approached Spiffing Covers to do the cover for my book I had a fairly good idea of what I wanted it to look like. They took all my ideas onboard and managed to improve on them to produce a cover that I was absolutely thrilled with. I also used them to format the e-book conversion so that it was ready to go on sale as soon as it was returned to me along with the cover. That took all the hassle out of preparing it for sale. The attention to detail and cooperation that you will get from Spiffing Covers is nothing less than first class. They really know their game.


“A cover has to stand out, and mine does - thanks to SpiffingCovers”

P J King, author of Rough Ride

So you’ve written your book, toiled over every word, agonised about each sentence, and then suddenly after all that work, it’s finished and you’re done – the end of the journey. You’ve put down your pen and heaved a sigh of relief only to begin the nightmare of editing and proofreading, and worst of all - designing the cover. Where do you even start – and then you realise that writing the book was the easy part!

The old cliche that you can’t judge a book by the cover went out with the dark ages, because nowadays it’s the first thing everyone looks at and you know that this is going to be the most important choice you’ll ever make. Well I got lucky, I hit Google and up popped Spiffing Covers.

Looking back, I think I must have been the most awful client, but the team at Spiffing Covers were so patient, despite the fact that I was unsure about what I wanted! One of the hardest parts for the designer is gleaning the essence of the story and the personalities of the characters from a brief synopsis and transforming that notion into an image which fits the bill for the author. Spiffing Covers have that vision and the patience to do the job.

For me, one of the unexpected delights about my finalised cover was the depth and finish of the graphic design. The clarity was outstanding and translates well whether to my business card or to the huge blown up version on my video blog. This excellence gives an edge to the finished product which screams quality, inviting further perusal of the inner contents.

Spiffing Covers are not just about producing amazing covers either. They offer so much more – giving advice and support about publishing and formatting ebooks, not just for Amazon’s Kindle, but Smashwords and other publishing platforms, and were even able to quote me for publishing my book as a paperback.


“They listened, knew what I wanted and delivered it”

Nick Onyemem, author of Haunting Demons

The best thing I can say about Spiffing Covers is that now I have used them, I don’t want anyone else to create my novel covers. I found Spiffing Covers during a simple Google search. I had finished my second book and was looking for someone better than the last company I’d used who had seemingly not listened to everything I’d told them I wanted. The funny thing is that during the entire time of working with SpiffingCovers, providing them with my concept, trading ideas and outlining expectations, I never felt the need to pick up the phone once - emails sufficed. They listened, knew what I wanted and delivered it. I guess that’s what happens when you work with professionals. And I must say the outcome was even better than I could have hoped for. They are really good at what they do, so keep an eye out for my next book because it, too will be a Spiffing Covers effort.

Haunting Demons is available on Amazon and iTunes.


“Highly professional... inspiring cover design and editing”

Toby Oliver, author of Codename Nicolette

My experience with Spiffing Covers has from the outset been highly professional, from an inspiring cover design and editing, to the efficient and helpful feedback they have provided me, as an unknown writer, the opportunity to help get my novel ‘Codename Nicolette’ published.