Reviews by our authors



“Very Competitive... unbelievably professional”

Allen Chambers, author of Mindways Chronicles

You have finished writing your book, now what? A revolution in the world of publishing has empowered new writers like myself who now have an enviable opportunity to self publish their work, however it needs to be polished and look the business for it to have any chance of success.

I surfed the internet and approached a couple of self publishing agencies who although appreciative of my work, failed to inspire me with confidence. I had noticed Spiffing Covers at the same time, their brilliant website offering everything you could want but I imagined they were too expensive for my limited funds. Despite my reservations about the cost I thought no harm in asking and I’m so glad I did. Spiffing Covers were actually very competitive, an unbelievably professional with a team of very approachable and talented people.

For me, (and no doubt many others), Spiffing Covers have become part of my book, providing an amazing cover which has given me a totally new perspective to my work and exceptional editing delivering a ready to publish book.

The future – I have no doubt I will be returning to Spiffing Covers for they deliver more than just a service, they inspire and for me that is priceless.


“Cannot recommend SpiffingCovers highly enough”

Mandrill Press

On The Binding and A Just and Upright Man, they ‘got’ the message so clearly that they produced not only the cover but a short tag line that summed up the book precisely. Mandrill Press cannot recommend Spiffing Covers highly enough.


“I was truly amazed when my cover arrived in just a few days”

Sharon Hamilton, author of Fall of a Sparrow

This was my first foray into the world of cover design. I chose spiffingcovers because I liked the name and the logo and the package of support on offer seemed well worth the cost. I was truly amazed when the first draft of my cover arrived by email in just a few days. The image was both realistic and metaphoric, immediately evoking the genre of crime fiction and raising questions in the mind of the viewer. The key works symbolically while also indicating an important aspect of the plot. The earthy colours and the attention to detail enhance the effect, particularly the pooling of blood, the single droplet nearby and the single feather falling. “WOW, what a powerful cover,” one reader has written. “I know you don’t judge a book by its cover, but this cover makes me want to read it,” writes another. “Fabulous cover,” emails a third. But the services extend beyond the cover to providing ISBNs for both e-versions and print versions and a widget. I will definitely be using spiffingcovers for my next novel.


“I was absolutely thrilled”

Grant Nicol, author of On A Small Island

When I originally approached Spiffing Covers to do the cover for my book I had a fairly good idea of what I wanted it to look like. They took all my ideas onboard and managed to improve on them to produce a cover that I was absolutely thrilled with. I also used them to format the e-book conversion so that it was ready to go on sale as soon as it was returned to me along with the cover. That took all the hassle out of preparing it for sale. The attention to detail and cooperation that you will get from Spiffing Covers is nothing less than first class. They really know their game.