Reviews by our authors



“They were intuitive, talented and a delight to work with”

Charles Owen, author of Cry Cassandra and Fiamma

The Spiffing Covers team is based in a charming village close to the River Colne, south of Colchester. I quickly got the impression that they did not waste their own money and would not waste mine. I found them friendly, approachable and very professional. They were meticulous in their attention to detail, intuitive, talented, competitive in their pricing but, above all, a delight to work with.


“I cried with joy when I saw the cover”

Helen Fuller, author of The Internet Party

I was overwhelmed by so many positive emotions that I sat and stared at my computer screen for a long time. How could anyone design a cover that good? The depth of the images and vibrancy of the tones made it seem alive.

I stumbled upon Spiffing Covers when I was searching for a cover designer on line. I looked at the work of so many designers that I lost count, but there was always something missing. Then I came across a cover design competition site and saw that Spiffing Covers had won several awards. I liked what I saw so I looked up their website. It seemed like a professional company and it most certainly is.


“Spiffing Covers have been a joy to deal with in every aspect”

Rupert Harry Miller, author of Life of a Salesman

Spiffing Covers have been a joy to deal with in every aspect of preparing my book, ‘Life of a Salesman’ for the market place. I now have every chance of achieving my aim of raising awareness of the plight of all Haemophiliacs who are suffering from the contaminated blood scandal. Take a bow Spiffing Covers.


“Spiffing Covers understood exactly what I wanted even if I didn't have a clue”

Julz Gilly, author of The Journey

I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would write a book! There it is, book written & what to do next?! The writing of the book poured from my heart which was the easy part. Now I had the nightmare of proofreading & designing the cover. I got lucky…my friend Laura had recently written a book & was absolutely happy with Spiffing Covers… I looked no further. Spiffing Covers understood exactly what I wanted even if I didn’t have a clue! The graphic design was done very professionally & with a sheer understanding of transforming the story with clarity & depth which goes way beyond any words.